I think, U think and they think!!! – PART 2

Dominik was cursing the guy sitting opposite to him, cursing only because he was sure that the guy opposite was teasing or thinking stupid about him, Dominik wanted to tell him, “don’t you dare think like that about me”
That morning Dominik and Shreya reached Spencer Plaza and were going around and after enough window shopping they finally settled down at coffee day, Dominik was as usual busy finding out someone who was more beautiful than Shreya and convincing himself that Shreya was in fact beautiful than her, typical lover J. After enough argument as to which tasted better Cremosa or Mahwah without even knowing how they tasted, finally decided to get the former only because it sounded better. Dominik went to the counter and found himself in a big queue evidently all men as if it was a rule that only men had to pay the bill and carry the load. He didn’t mind much because in front of him was a girl and wished to start of a new conversation and it so happened that she had come with a branded jerk who was busy with his magazine at the desk…. He thought, wish at times he could act like a jerk, but Shreya was sweet enough to be made to work. He then got busy watching people placing funny orders and act as If they drank at coffee day everyday…. Many had come for the first time thinking that Coffee day’s logo “ a lot can happen over coffee “ would work great for them ,many hoping that something good happens and a few hoping that something bad happens so that they can get a new girl.

Shreya on the other hand was going through the menu card planning for her next round, when she felt someone come and sit opposite to her, the moment she raised her head, she turned red like a cup of hot lemon tea, she was about to spill herself over when a girl came from behind that guy, a cute girl in fact, Shreya thought, very odd when a girl praises another girl, but Shreya had to admit it, and thought if Dominik sees her, he would be s awed by her beauty as if she knew perfectly what he thought about all the time.
The guy was none other than Raja, Shreya’s UG mate.

Raja: Hi Shreya, how are you?? Remember me?

Shreya (with a heavy voice): How can I ever forget you? I treated you like my best friend and what did you do to me?? I never expected that from you.

Raja: Shreya, just listen to me for minute. Firstly, this is Shalini, my love and soon to be my life partner.
Shalini gave her a humble smile, but didn’t speak.

Shreya: Ah! So you found another one?? No wonder I thought right about u…….

Raja: Shreya…

Dominik got back just as Raja was about to talk…

Dominik: Heyyyyyyyyyyy dude, how are you???

Raja: Im good man, how are you???

Dominik: Doing great man, all thanks to u J…. So who is this cute lady??? 😉

Shreya: Grrrrr… some idiot!!!

Raja (Blushing…): yes man… my fiancée in fact; we are getting married next month.

Dominik: Cool congrats man…Hey I owe you a lot dude, had you not given the letter to Shreya on my behalf, it would have ended long back….. Good thing I did not write my name on it!!!

Shreya: What the hell… which letter are you talking about…

Raja (smiling): The letter which stopped you from talking to me for all these years….. The letter you thought I gave to you, was actually given written by Dominik, he was a scary goat those days, I wonder how he got u finally..

Dominik: Don’t start that again man, those days are gone…

Shreya (Staring at Dominik) : Youuuuuuuuuuu…..

And spat a slap landed on his face, Dominik turned red like another cup of hot lemon tea…

Raja: Hey cool down, its old story… so how are things going on??

Shreya was speechless, she was cursing herself for what she did and for what Raja never did… after a nice chat they left and the moment Raja and Shalini left, Shreya started crying, her white face with tears running down her cheek, she was looking like a cold cup of water with water droplets all around the cup..She was still cursing her that she missed such a nice friend only because of her stupidity…
Dominik convinced her a lot and apologized a lot and they started from there at 05.30pm……. they got into an auto and reached Nungambakkam station….
The clock struck 6.15pm and they got into the train and after the train reached Saidapet, they got a place to sit, sitting opposite was a guy smiling at Dominik for all the wrong reasons….. Dominik knew why he was smiling….
The guy sitting opposite, when the train reached Tambaram, got up to get out of the train, Shreya had got down earlier…. After which Dominik had called her and again apologized to her and wished her “HAPPY VALENTINE’s DAY “. The guy told Dominik “Thank you Sir, I was not smiling at you with a wrong reason, I knew what had happened, after all what I think, U think and they think are all same.”

HAPPY VALENTINE’s DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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