I think, U think and they think!!! – Part 1

The clock struck 6.15 pm; Dominik had just reached the Nungambakkam station and was heading home after the last day of training in the office. It was a short but awfully long day comparing the other weekdays, may be because it was a Friday and He was looking forward to the weekend. He knew how eager He was to spend another weekend with his love. Her name was Shreya, in her early 20’s she was the most beautiful girl He had ever seen, hmmm He knew He was sounding like a typical lover, but then , she in fact was the most beautiful girl by many standards. She was doing her final year MBA in Loyala college…His full name is Dominik Aryan and he was working as a business consultant with a multinational company. He joined this product based company recently after a sobbing exit from his old company which was like his second home. He had met Shreya at a UK education convention with big hopes of doing his PG overseas and dropped that idea and started working just to support her makeup kit J, actually to make sure that he stays with her.
He got into the train and managed to suck himself inside the jam packed train, after the train stopped at Saidapet station, a third of the train compartment became empty, as if they were giving free mobile phones to everyone there. He made himself comfortable and saw a young couple sitting opposite to him, hand in hand. The girl was exceptionally beautiful, for a moment his mind slipped off track and doubted if this girl was more beautiful than Shreya, he took another look at the girl and noticed something odd. Tears rolling down her cheek, bringing along with them a hint of powder and cream, they didn’t make much difference because she was still looking beautiful. Thoughts flashed across his mind, a million questions went as to why she was crying, what could have gone wrong, why wasn’t the guy trying to convince her. He was thinking silly about the guy as to his inability to convince her. The train reached Chromepet and the guy whispered something into her ears and she got up to go. She started weeping even more as if that was going to be their last meeting, as if God had sent her a message that they will not meet after that day. After the girl got down, the guy took his mobile and called a number, Dominik was pretty sure that he was talking to that girl and He was in fact correct, He heard the girl crying over the phone. The chat continued for a few minutes and they guy hung up the phone. The train reached Tambaram and the train was empty in a few minutes. The guy was the last to leave and they went in the opposite directions, as he was heading towards the sorrow field and Dominik towards the happyville.
Dominik reached home in another 15 minutes, freshened up , ate his dinner and started fighting with his mobile and was busy messaging Shreya. They decided that they will meet tomorrow at 10 am at Madras Christian College. Shreya reached the college before Dominik did and as if a dog smelling a bone from a hundred meters, she smelled him coming and the moment he was near enough to hug, she turned back and gave a tight hug, a feast to the youngsters around, disgust to the elderly lovers. They spent the day doing all possible things to enjoy life to the fullest extent. The day passed very quickly. It was as if God was watching from above, the clock struck 6.15pm and they both were sitting in the train, tears running down Shreya’s cheeks, Dominik was wondering if God had replaced them in place of the couple he had seen yesterday and it was as if everything was becoming clear to him and he got the answers for all the questions which went through his mind yesterday and he realized what could have possibly gone wrong with the couple , also he was cursing the guy sitting opposite for the way he was smiling and knew what he was thinking……..
To be continued…………………

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