He sat on the stairs of the overbridge, evening sunlight brightening his then dull face

He sat on the stairs of the overbridge, evening sunlight brightening his then dull face, tears rolling down his cheek, with a smile on his face, hand full of sleeping pills and a bottle of brandy in another hand.Even he was not sure if he was happy that his miseries are going to end or was upset that he couldn’t find a true love.
One month ago, 10am, bright sunny morning, he was waiting for Shreya at the railway station, dressed up like a hero. Minutes passed like hours and waiting for half long hour, he saw her walking towards him, his eyes became brighter by the second and there she went past him and as if someone threw stones at those bright bulbs, both went dark. He was wondering why she ignored him and went past. She got into the slowly moving bus and our her hero followed the bus in his bike.

Shreya was working for a multinational bank and our hero was working for a private company. Shreya was a good looking girl, in her early twenties, bright eyes, eye liners making them look even more bright, long dark hair, medium built and a mix of conventional and hi fi culture. Dressed up so very neatly to prove that she respected the tradition of India and was modern enough to break many hearts, like that of our hero.
Her bus stop came and she got down from the bus and started walking towards her office building, our hero stopped his bike right in front of her and eyes met. She was sending messages to him and it was crystal clear that he had done something very stupid the other day, our hero was clueless as to what she was trying to tell. It seemed to him as if the message was encrypted with 1024 bit encryption code. The staring lasted for another minute and there came bombs like words from her mouth, “You have no sense at all, you are least bothered about me when I’m with you, I have to remind you about everything and how dare you forget my birthday?, that’s it I am through with you!.”
Our, hero was dumb struck, was cursing himself for what he did, actually for what he forgot to do. Running around her like an insect flying around a light bulb at night, was trying to convince her, but she was reluctant to listen to him.
It took him almost half an hour to convince her and by that time she realized that she was getting late for office. She told him she will meet him at 8pm at the coffee shop.
The clock struck 8pm, our guy was there at 7.30pm, not wanting to mess this up again.
The moment the clock struck 8, and there she came walking, as if she was hiding behind the wall waiting for the clock to hit 8. She looked fresh like ever, as if she had just replaced her face with a spare one, freshly made up.
Our hero ordered for 2cups of coffee. It smelled all over the place and our hero was the one responsible for that, he was badly drunk, all because of his office party earlier that afternoon. She smelled it and got up to go when our hero caught hold of her hand and made her sit. He was sure that this could be his last meeting with her and so to save himself, he built up a story to make him look pitiful.Forgettting Shreya’s birthday was the cause for all this.
He started “Shreya, I am sorry that I am drunk, but I didn’t have the courage to tell you what I am going to tell you now, under my senses. Please do not mistake me and I am telling you this only because I love you and do not wish to hide anything”.
Shreya raised her dark thin eyebrows, shooting many questions eye to eye.
Our hero this time, was a bit clear that she wanted more information and explanation. It was as if the alcohol decrypted the code and made him a bit intelligent. He started again, “ Shreya, I met Pooja last night, the day of your birthday and it seems she has left her husband and is living with her parents….and “
Pooja, who a few months ago had married a guy against her wish, was our hero’s first love. Our hero had told a lot about her to Shreya during the initial days of meeting. Shreya, then being a friend of our hero had tolerated him telling about her and made him feel comfortable.
Since now Shreya and our hero were a pair, She never encouraged him talk about her, this situation being no exception, but the alcohol had given him either abnormal courage to talk or made him deaf from hearing what Shreya was shouting about.
After an hour long one sided discussion, our hero told that Pooja needed his support and he wanted to help. Shreya hearing this, got up and walked away, at this stage our hero was in no position to stop her since alcohol had made him dizzy, not realizing what he had done, he lay down and got up only when the waiter told him to leave.
The next morning our hero realized that the story went bad and Shreya who was already fed up with him, decided to break up with him. Weeks passed, our hero tried to contact Shreya but couldn’t. One evening, while returning from office, half lost in thoughts, suddenly came to full strength when he saw someone. Pooja was walking on the other side of the road.
Fifteen minutes later both of them were sitting in a coffee shop and discussing about their lives. Pooja was a bit dull and after enough nagging by our hero , Pooja told him what had happened. Our hero was shocked to hear the same story what he had told to Shreya the other day. He was not sure if he was dreaming or if Pooja had overheard his chat with Shreya.
Shreya who was passing by saw him and both eyes met, this made her even more determined about her decision.
Our hero, for the next few days was so engaged with Pooja’s problem that he totally forgot about Shreya. The few days spent with Pooja were heavenly, and it so happened that he never heard from her again.
Something had happened to Pooja as per our hero. Our hero was very upset and started drinking more and more. One fine day he saw Shreya getting down from a car and another handsome guy accompanied her. He tried to talk to her, but she said that they both were now engaged.
He felt as if a stone wall landed on his head. Shreya had a smirk on her face. Shreya and so called her fiancée went away while our hero was standing like a pole.
A while later He sat on the stairs of the overbridge,evening sunlight brightening his then dull face, tears rolling down his cheek, with a smile on his face, hand full of sleeping pills and a bottle of brandy in another hand. Even he was not sure if he was happy that miseries are going to end or was upset that he couldn’t find a true love.”
Meanwhile Shreya and Pooja were talking to each other and the guy was Pooja’s husband. They had played a prank with our hero. Shreya had met Pooja the other day after meeting our hero and told her what our hero had told. Pooja told that it was not the situation.
Next, day our hero, was standing again at the same bus stop, dressed in white, waiting for Shreya and to his surprise, she went pass him. She was not the usual bright girl, she had lost her charm, he tried calling her but she ignored. He later realized that he was no longer alive, the overdose of sleeping pills and alcohol had taken his life. He was one among the angles………..
He saw another angel fly by and SPAT!!! A pat on his back……a a a his mom was standing by with a cup of coffee and shouting “Dreaming again? “
It was a dream after all….that day was very important….it was Shreya’s birthday!!!!!!

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