Creation of the Universe-The mystery

An enigma long unsolved mystery, in fact since the dawn of the human race and ever since humans have started reasoning mother nature instead of just enjoying it. How interesting that humans work so hard for the future, thereby failing to enjoy the present . We have been trying to figure out how the universe was created, but never bothered to realize “Why” it was created, or was it ever created, or was it just lying around to be inhabited by us. Were there a more powerful “element” than science; and more powerful “cause” than reason? Who would have thought about creating a universe and bring life into it. s there something or someone far more supreme beyond our wildest imagination who ropes our fate? Like a cell , an atom is to us, is the universe the same to someone out there? Are there living beings somewhere in the universe, who think the way we do, and trying to get in touch with us? If there is something called time warp, time travelling which lets us travel into the past and into the future, if at all this was to be done in the future, does it mean we are just one phase of our entire life? Is our childhood, old age co-existing with our present age? Is someone directing the whole act so neatly that we in our current state walk by our childhood ten times a day without even noticing that? Another dimension which holds our past and future. If this was the case, certainly man should be able to travel through time, or just “feel” that he is in the past or in the future and experience it. Who knows sometime in the future, we might “find” a time machine which was abandoned by a human or an alien from the future there.

At least someone or a group of people might think the way I think. We have been trying to find the answer for the one “Ultimate” question…what happened before the big bang. No one is sure if a big bang ever happened, only to the fact that the universe is expanding constitutes to this theory that it would have started from a single “dot”. Do we have substantial proof that the universe is expanding? The distance being measured in light years and parsec, a magnificent scale to make scientists more comfortable with the calculations. Has anyone sat down for one whole year and measured how much distance the light travels in a year, taking into consideration gravity, force, time and speed which I have discussed later in this article. Say the galaxies are moving away from each other at the rate of 1 light year per decade, how can one be sure that we had calculated the distance correctly a decade ago? It would have been that we would have calculated the distance short by 1 light year a decade ago, may be because we didn’t have the technology to measure it accurately, and this decade we would have calculated correctly, more so, after 10 years we might find the distance to have increased and this could mean that either we would have calculated the distance incorrectly now or the universe Is really moving away. What if the distance is reduced from the current distance? If it does, then will the galaxies collide with each other? Will it be the end? This can be compared to the sling shot, why so? This is because, the rate at which the universe would shrink would be at an extremely faster, may be 100 times, 1000 or even 10000 times faster than the rate at which it expands, just like a sling, which while being pulled towards the person is quite slow, but when released, goes with a bang. This would be the same with the universe, it surely does revolve around the centre of gravity.

Fig 1.1

Mass and distance pay a vital role in the case of power of gravity.

Gravitational pull = Mass * Distance

At times the distance also becomes irrelevant.

No wonder a person can lift a pin from the ground but not a bike against the gravity of the earth. Does this mean that we are stronger than the earth? Not actually, this is because the pin doesn’t have enough mass for the earth to hold onto it.

How is it that the planets revolve around the sun in perfect orbits? May be because, the sun has almost the exact amount of gravitational force to hold on to them at that distance, but why are the planets revolving instead of staying in one place? This could be the same as a ball tied to a stick with a rope. When we hit the ball, it races away from the bat but due to the rope which plays the part of the gravity makes it rotate around the bat and at a point time the string enwraps itself to the bat and the ball is now tied to the bat, so will it be the same case with the planets that they will collide with the sun? Shouldn’t the planets be coming towards the sun, instead of moving away from it? If at all they are moving. No, that would not happen, at least I hope so, two possible reasons could be that either because the planets are in the stage where the ball is just struck by the bat and is moving away from it or that it has attained the farthest distance, but with no tangible rope to pull back these planets, instead of getting wrapped with the sun, they are rotating around it assume the ball is rotated above the stick and not around the body.

Another assumption could be the black holes. Holes which might be holding back these planets against the gravity of the sun, so does this mean that the black holes are stronger than the central planets, the sun in our case? Not necessarily, sun has a big family to take care of, but the same case may not be applicable with the black holes, one or more black holes might be holding on to one planet.

So, this brings another point of discussion, does the gravitational pull towards a body reduces with the number of units it is trying to pull? Is the gravitational force limited from a source? Not necessarily, the gravitational force generated is almost unlimited, not fully unlimited (so the planets might strap out of the gravity of the sun at one point of time), it only depends on the object which it is trying to pull, how much part of the object is exposed to the source of the gravity. This again shows that

Gravitation pull = Mass* Distance

Where Distance = Speed * Time

Therefore, Gravitation pull = Mass*Speed*Time

To give an example for the above, Place a super charged magnet and take an iron rod across it, first slowly and then very quickly. You will understand the implication of the above equation, the first time the iron rod will stick to the magnet, the next time it will escape the magnetic force.

This rule can be applied to our universe as well, but before that, a little bit more about the black holes, how many of us are sure that they are very small in size, considering the fact they have never been spotted, condensed stars or particles which don’t even let light get away from them. Why can’t they be very big burnt out stars, they are assumed to be small because they are black and cannot be seen or never have been in the past, I suppose. Since they say that even light can’t escape black holes, then how did anyone find it?? Only if an object reflects something, will we find out that it exists there. I hope someone doesn’t argue with the example of Air, Air has mass which can be shown and proved.

Again taking the point of gravity and mass, suppose as per the conventional theory that black holes are small, they must have enough size whereby the object can be attracted towards it upon exposure to the black holes. Some say even light doesn’t escape the black holes, things which come into question is that not only the source but also the object should have enough mass to be attracted towards the source. Next question which arises is that, does light have enough mass to be attracted? May be yes, or maybe not, yes because many scientists have proved over the years that it has mass. I agree to it, but does it has good enough mass to be roaming around in the open universe and not get shattered? Be it normal light, laser light or any other light type.

Therefore, Mass of light = Distance*Speed

To explain the above statement, normal lights travel slowly, the reason they get distorted while passing through objects in the universe. Effect of gravitational pull is mass times speed, comes into effect. Laser lights on the other hand travel at a faster velocity when sent from its source, but not necessarily throughout its journey, they will fade out at a point and disappear in the atmosphere, this does not mean that atmosphere has black holes all around, or does it? If black holes did exist, what lies beyond them? Another galaxy, shortcut to another world. So when someone says that even light doesn’t escape and is absorbed by the black holes, may be its merely routed to another dimension or galaxy, only time will tell.

Time? The most mystifying aspect of the whole universe, which holds answers to almost every questions man may ask, “if only I could travel back in time”. Can this be done? May be yes, maybe not or maybe in the future. In fact we do it almost every day, every time we do something faster than the other person, we are travelling ahead in time, why do I say so, that’s because doing something faster than another actually lets you decide the other person’s fate. An example to illustrate this would be an example of a race between a guy riding a cycle with that of a motorcycle. Suppose, they are taking the same route, the guy in the motorcycle races away and if he places a bomb in the path, then he is actually deciding the FUTURE of the other guy, so when one decides the future, isn’t he already ahead in time? Is he God? May be or maybe not, but he surely has travelled ahead in time.

Theory of relativity is a classic example in this regard, thanks to Mr.Einstein. Ever thought of enjoying when your loved ones have met with an accident? Your time will run very fast, simultaneously will their bad time, don’t you think this will help them? So are you moving ahead in time? May be yes..Maybe not.

Another great theory is that of E=mc2, Energy = mass times speed square. A classic example to show how this works is the movement of heavenly bodies and the movement of things within the earth. Ever imagined how much energy is expelled when we run around and that when heavenly bodies move around? Friction is almost ignored when this happens when heavenly bodies move around or is the blank atmosphere with which they react.

Taking all these factors, viz time, gravity, dimensions, planets, galaxies etc, how does it help us to determine or at least assume how the universe would have formed, could only and only be assumed with no definite proof, there would have been something big, unimaginably huge matter, suspended in atmosphere which we call the universe and some 13.7 billion years ago which out of external contraction and lack of space would have blown out itself and formed the universe, or maybe there was no big bang, when it was there, it was as it is now, all the forces in the universe coming together to form what it is now.

Has the universe expanded enough? As per Fig 1.1, if there are galaxies on all sides and if they are expanding, wont they at one point of time collide with each other? This would be the end of the existing universe, and may be another universe would form, maybe this is how our universe was formed. No wonder, people call it a life cycle, with no beginning, no end, it happens over and over and over again. Will this happen this coming 2012?? Then again, only time will tell..if we are there to see it.




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